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Due to lack of chapter activity and member engagement, the directors for the Nebraska Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (NAOHN) are considering disbanding the chapter.  The dissolution of NAOHN will not affect your current membership with American Association of Occupational Nurses (AAOHN) in any way.  Please note: no response will result in a vote in favor to dissolve.
__Opposed to the dissolution and would like to keep the chapter running.
__In favor of the chapter dissolving and the proposed plan of distribution.   


Plan of Distribution


The Nebraska Association of Occupational Health Nurses is an organization committed to the health and safety of workers.

The mission of NAOHN is to provide an organizational structure supporting professional growth and development of registered nurses working in occupational health.  

Our members are occupational health specialists working in Business and Industry, Health Care and Education

NAOHN is a state chapter of the 
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

President's Letter

Email the President, Cindy S. Kempt



What are the advantages to membership? 

  • Continuing Education--NAOHN holds meetings and educational programs throughout the year (usually about 3 CEU's each), including a two day Fall Conference (usually 10 CEU's). AAOHN offers an array of continuing education programs at their Annual Conference and independent study modules are included in the AAOHN Journal.
  • Networking and Contacts--Numerous opportunities to meet and network with your colleagues. The NAOHN web site will help you locate and contact other nurses and communications via email will keep you informed.
  • Legislative Updates--Monthly ProHealth Alerts are available in the AAOHN News and AAOHN's website (
  • AAOHN Publications, Professional Liability Coverage, Member discounts, and many other resourced are available from AAOHN.

What are the costs of membership?
State membership - $10/year AND National $185/year - Download an application

Please contact our current President Cindy S. Kempt at with any questions or comments regarding our organization.